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Acrylics on canvas

80cm x 100cm


Hung 是一種聲音、頻率、音調或振動,喚醒覺知的感覺,是此時此刻,物理存在和交流的感覺。它具有觀察和理解的智慧,可以產生舒適、平靜、慈悲,並具有證悟的力量。它的存在本質,與湛藍的天空沒有任何區別,甚至連一小片雲朵都沒有,就像天空一樣,沒有邊界,沒有出生,沒有死亡。(存好心)

HUNG - mind
Hum is a Sound, frequency, tone or vibration waking the sense of being aware, being present at the moment that, knows the existence of physical existence and the sense of communication. It have the wisdom of observing and understanding to generate comfortableness, calmness, compassionate and have a power to reach enlightenment. The nature of its existence is no difference with the clear Blue sky without even a small cloud and vase like sky which doesn’t have bounders, doesn’t have birth, doesn’t have death.

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