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Acrylics on canvas 

80cm x 80cm


THE JOURNEY OF SOUL - Also known as the middle way (in the middle of two point). Since the nature of our existence is with the natural elements, Blue representing water, white space, yellow air, red fire and green earth. When we enter the middle way, we have to form with or dissolve in natural elements. By then the soul, mind or awareness will view the element in the form of colour tone rather than solid, because the existence of the solid part of own self is not formed or dissolving. By then the sense of the journey of soul will be bright just like undisturbed lamp light, bright and clear.

靈魂之旅 – 也稱為中間道(在生與死兩點的中間)。由於我們存在的本質是自然元素: 藍色代表水、白色是空間、黃色是空氣、紅色是火焰和綠色是土地。當我們進入中道(中陰身)時,我們必須與自然元素融合或溶解。到那時,靈魂、心智或意識將以顏色的形態而不是實體來顯示,因為本身的實體部分已不復存在或消散。屆時,心靈之旅的感覺將像不受干擾的燈光一樣明亮清晰。

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