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Minerals on handmade canvas

52cm x 76cm







The long life bottle is a hand-held utensil of the Long Life Buddha. The Long Life Buddha is the recipient of the red Buddha, Amitabha. Amitabha, White Tara and Ushnishavijaya constitute the three long life Buddhas.


The bottle body is in the shape of a top bun, the bottom foot is grooved, the bottleneck is slender, and the upper bottle mouth is wide and cone-shaped. The jewellery string is on the ball of the bottle. The lotus flower pattern is painted on the bottom foot of the bottle, and the upper edge of the bottle is painted with the pattern of the karma tail or jewelry coiled together.


The four pendants represent the four-sided Buddha around the Buddha of Boundless Light (the Immovable Tathagata Buddha, the Precious Tathagata Buddha, the Great Sun Tathagata Buddha and the Buddha Amoghasiddhi ). The Buddha of Immeasurable Light and Life resides in the center of the Longevity Mandala. On the top of the bottle, the seed character "Hrih" symbolizes abundance and longevity.

The artist used the traditional way of making thangka canvas and used stones to brush flat cotton cloth and precious mineral pigments.


​The artist wants to express that everyone has to seize the opportunity to learn the Buddha’s teachings through his lifetime and the hopes that everyone to have a long life. 



Cotton cloth, deer glue, real gold, sterling silver, natural yellow, margarine, cinnabar, turquoise, ochre, scarlet, lapis lazuli

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